Deschutes Veterinary Clinic - Our Veterinarians


Veterinarians are unique.

They are highly educated, with four years of undergraduate study, four years of veterinary medical school, and four years of post-doctoral training if a specialty is chosen. In order to pass boards for licensing and certification, they must remember huge amounts of information about a wide variety of species, conditions and procedures. In daily practice, veterinarians have to have insight and hands-on skill to put their patients at ease.

Our doctors will offer you the best direction and guidance, and we consider ourselves "your other family doctors"!

Scott Kramer, DVM, Practice Owner
Dr. Kramer grew up in Southern California before moving to Washington State.  He discovered while attending Washington State University that he wanted to become a veterinarian.  Applying to colleges abroad, Dr. Kramer was accepted to the University of Sydney in Australia, where he started his veterinary medical education.  He returned to WSU to complete his training and graduated WSU's veterinary medical program in 1999.  Dr. Kramer joined DVC in the fall of 2003, and when not cracking jokes, enjoys working with all small animals, including exotics.  He is certified in Canine Auto-Stem Cell Therapy, and is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

Debbie Putnam, DVM, Associate
Dr. Putnam is a previous night owl, having recently made the switch from emergency practice to daytime general practice. Her emergency experience has allowed her to develop excellent diagnostic and surgical skills, as well as exceptional client communication skills. Dr. Putnam is a welcome addition to our veterinary staff!