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Deschutes Veterinary Clinic is a full-service, high-quality veterinary clinic based in Bend, Oregon. Our services extend to the surrounding Central Oregon community, including Redmond, Madras, Sunriver, Lapine, and Prineville. Our practice has been taking care of family pets for over 66 years. And our friendly support staff and exceptional veterinarians are why DVC has been consistently voted the Number One Vet Clinic in Bend, Oregon. 

Here at DVC, we believe in providing progressive, compassionate care for your 4-legged family members; we are "Your Other Family Doctors"™! You will not find another practice in the Central Oregon area that offers the outstanding medical and surgical care that we do. We understand the deep connection between people and their pets, and our goal is to keep that bond healthy and happy for many, many years.

Our Small Animal Practice offers comprehensive medical and surgical services for dogs and cats, as well as pocket pets and reptiles. Our team of Doctors have a combined experience of over 100 years, to provide the guidance and direction you expect for your special family members. DVC is also a cruelty-free practice, as we do not offer unethical, merely cosmetic veterinary services. We do not de-claw cats, crop ears, remove dew claws or tails from puppies, or euthanize healthy animals for mere convenience of the pet owner. And we will never recommend treatments, vaccines, or medications your pet does not need. We believe that each pet and their individual way of life is central to our tailored approach of sensible veterinary practice.

Please take some time to look over our web site. You will find detailed information on the services offered, hospital policies, and timely pet care topics. We even have an on-line Pet Library that you can use to search for specific pet-related information. Make sure to check back often for money saving coupons and seasonal promotions. And please join us on Facebook and Twitter!



                                                              The Dangers of Feeding Bones to Your Dogs

1)    Dogs and bones seems like a natural mix!  But, most pet owners are unaware of the dangers of feeding bones to pets.   The FDA has even tried to warn consumers to stop giving these treats to their dogs!

2)    Most veterinarians are not proponents of giving bones to dogs.  As animal health professionals, they will often see the fractured teeth, lacerated gums and even digestive tract obstructions that accompany this practice.

3)    When a veterinarian examines your pet’s mouth, unusual patterns of enamel wear, cracks in the teeth and even broken teeth can be indicative of a patient with a bone-chewing history.

4)    In many cases, these dogs need root canals or even tooth extractions to fix the problem.  The cost for those procedures can exceed$500 or even $1000!!

5)    Veterinary emergency hospitals are often presented with dogs who are vomiting and have painful abdomens.  X-rays will regularly reveal an obstruction caused by bone fragments or even whole chunks of bone.

6)    Exploratory surgery along with pain medications and several days of hospitalization can run well in excess of $2500! 

7)    No bones are 100% safe, despite what raw food advocates might say on the Internet.  We see problems with cooked bones, raw bones and bones from every type of food animal.

8)    Play it safe…avoid using bones as a treat or chewing device.  We can point you towards much better, safer products that won’t harm your pet or your wallet.